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Domestic water buffalos & their milk

Water buffalo are domesticated dairy animals of the bovine family. They are a far cry from African buffalos are much more akin to cows. They are curious, gentle and loving creatures. Provided they are treated well they will happily approach you for a cuddle or a scratch behind the ears.

Buffalo milk and buffalo milk products are considered high-end, premium products throughout Europe, UK, South America, (to name a few) with the most popular product being Mozzarella di Bufala – Italy’s traditional authentic cheese.

Water buffalo milk is highly nutritious, with butter fat far in excess of that of cows’ milk. It is extremely rich in calcium (nearly double that of cow’s milk) and has substantially higher levels of protein, natural anti-oxidants and natural preservatives, which allow the production of stretched mozzarella without the use of additives and chemicals. Water buffalo mozzarella boasts 43% less cholesterol than cow’s milk mozzarella - which is quite something. Not only is it naturally low in cholesterol, it contains 40-per-cent more protein and 58-per-cent more calcium than cow milk. It also contains high levels of the naturally occurring antioxidant, tocopherol.

Most people with allergies and milk intolerances have found that they can safely consume buffalo milk without any problems what so ever. It is also recommended to those suffering with eczema, psoriasis and irritable bowel syndrome. Should you suffer from any of the above, why not give our products a try? Chat to your nutritionist and or kindly request that your medical practitioner test your tolerance to buffalo milk, as the appropriate test is now readily available and our products may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Not only is Buffalo Milk the most nutritional cow’s milk substitute, it is delicious, without any kind of scent that one may find with other milk substitutes. Best of all, our products are 100% natural.

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