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Official Sole Distributor of Buffalo Ridge Produce in the KwaZulu Natal Region

Authentic Mozzarella di Bufala

Our Best Seller!

Considering there are literally only a handful of domestic water buffalo farms in the entire Southern Hemisphere, Caprese Trading is proud to support South Africa's very own water buffalo dairy farm. It's not often that a third world country such as South Africa, rivals others - however, with regards to this delicassy, Buffalo Ridge have nailed it!

Our Mozzarella di Bufala is packaged individually as a ball with the standard weight 120g. Bite size Mozzarella di Bufala balls are also available - and are known as 'Bocconcini'. A tub of Bocconcini consists of six 20g bite sized balls.

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Other Speciality Products

Aside from our best seller Mozzarella di Bufala - we also provide a range of other buffalo milk products which are locally and authentically produced on-site at Buffalo Ridge.

Please note that minimum quantity orders may apply.

Bocconcini di Bufala

Bocconcini di Bufala are bite-sized balls of Mozzarella di Bufala. They are packaged in a tub of six 20g balls. Bocconcini di Bufala can only be called ‘Bocconcini di Bufala’, if it is made using the milk (100%) of the domestic water buffalo - as done so traditionally, in Italy. 99% of Bocconcini found in South Africa will no doubt be made using cow’s milk – Always make sure to read the label.

Got Milk?

Ideal for those with lactose intolerance, or have milk allergies. Many of our customers who suffer from lactose intolerance have found they can safely consume our products with no problems. Testing against Buffalo Milk is now available. Our milk is creamier, porcelain white and tastes BETTER than cow's milk without any ‘odd’ odour. Simply delicious! Being more nutritious than cow’s milk, with 40% less cholesterol, it's the perfect cow's milk alternative! Packaged in 1L milk cartons.

Greek Style Yoghurt

Due to it's higher butterfat content, no thickeners are required as our yoghurt sets naturally! Boasting 40% less cholesterol (naturally), 40% more protein and 58% more calcium than cow’s milk. It also contains high levels of the naturally occurring antioxidant, tocopherol. A delicious, thick, creamy, Greek-style yoghurt - you'll be a convert after the first spoonful! Packaged in either 1L or 5L containers.

Fabulous Feta

A fantastic alternative for the health-conscious consumer being that it is more nutritional and naturally 40% lower in cholesterol than traditional feta cheeses. Buffalo Ridge Feta is the only feta cheese, made with 100% water buffalo milk, available in South Africa. Sold in 350g units.

Fromage Blanc

Buffalo Ridge Fromage Blanc is a fantastic substitute for crème fraich or marscapone. It is packaged in 400g tubs and can be used on it's own, or in both sweet and savoury dishes. An ideal product for the cholesterol conscious or lactose intolerant consumer!

Rockwood Cheese

Buffalo Ridge Rockwood cheese is Buffalo Ridge’s house brand hard cheese and is made from 100% pure water buffalo milk. It is an aged cheese (similar to pecorino), boasting a nutty flavour with a creamy spicy finish. This cheese is priced per Kg.

Some Delicious Applications

Increase your customer base, by being able to offer a fantastic cows' milk alternative that tastes delicious, and can be used in many different applications.


We all love smoothies. Whether we add milk or yoghurt, smoothies are delicious healthy meals in a glass! Our velvety creamy greek style yoghurt will transform any smoothie into something extra special! *Cows' Milk Alt.


Nothing beats a good old milkshake! Our Latte di Bufala (milk) is perfect for milkshakes. Don't let your milk allergies deprive you of the good things in life! Our milk brings all folk to the yard! *Cows' Milk Alt.

Frozen Yoghurt

There's nothing more pleasant than tucking into a frozen yoghurt, topped with fresh fruit on a hot summer day, and with our year round warm weather - frozen yoghurt is not only a favourite - but a must! *Cows' Milk Alt.

Hot Chocolate

Delicious, tasty and good for you! Hot chocolate is what dreams are made of! Our smooth and creamy milk takes hot chocolate to an entirely new level. *Cows' Milk Alt.


From custards to sauces, Fromage Blanc, Yoghurt and Milk are all essential cooking ingredients for those who just love to cook! Why not use our products and whip up a storm. *Cows' Milk Alt.

Tea / Coffee

Even the most simple, every-day normalities - such as tea and coffee, can now be enjoyed by those who have milk allergies. Our products the best cows milk alternative. *Cows' Milk Alt.

Cows' Milk Alternative *

Not Yet Medically Proven

All animal dairy milk products (Goat, Cow, Camel, Sheep, Buffalo) contain lactose. Because our buffalo milk is unadulterated and non-homogenized the lactose content present in our buffalo milk products appears to be more easily recognised by one’s body and therefore more easily digested.

With regards to allergies and lactose intolerance, we do not have Official data to support our claims. However, based upon our own readings and information provided to us verbally by both medical practitioners and customers themselves, we have never heard of anybody who is allergic to water buffalo milk.

We have many customers who are allergic to practically everything including soy milk and rice milk, but are able to safely consume our products without any problems. They also find our products an agreeable change from goats’ milk.

Buffalo milk tests are now included in the allergy test battery and so allergies to buffalo milk are now easily determinable. For those suffering with lactose intolerance, we recommend giving our products a go. If unsure, we advise talking to your GP or nutritionist.

Our products are also suitable for vegetarians as we only use microbial rennet in the production of our goods.

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